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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great American Lobster Fest Pairs Fresh Lobster With Cutting Edge Music 07/29 by ArtSees Diner Radio | Food Podcasts


Tim Frank (Foxhole Chicago), Jeffrey Mazza (New England Seafood Company) and Eric Michaels (Foxhole Chicago) join Mary E., to announce the First Annual Lobster Fest, in Chicago The New England Seafood Company, The Foxhole Chicago, Green Curtain Events and Navy Pier /SMG have partnered to launch The Great American Lobster Fest, Chicago’s first outdoor lobster and weekend music festival.

The following musicians will be joining us live on the air to share some of their music:
Band Called Catch White Mystery Paper Thick Walls Santah Hemmingbirds

Scheduled to take place Saturday, August 16 (10AM-1AM CST) and Sunday, August 17 (10AM-10PM CST) at Navy Pier, The Great American Lobster Fest will coincide with Chicago’s annual Air and Water Show and pair fresh live lobster, flown in daily from Boston by The New England Seafood Company, with over 25 live bands performing on two stages. (Special thanks to August Forte
NoVo PR)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jessica Smith Soto, Meal Sharing's Community Manager Joins Mary E. 07/23 by ArtSees Diner Radio | Food Podcasts

Jessica Smith Soto, Meal Sharing's Community Manager Joins Mary E. 07/23 by ArtSees Diner Radio | Food Podcasts
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Join Mary E. as she catches up with Meal Sharing's Jessica Smith Soto around the ArtSees Diner table, as they bring homecooking to the world! Jessica Smith Soto is the Chicago Meal Sharing Community Manager.

Meal Sharing is a website that connects people over home-cooked food. Think Airbnb- but with food. Our mission? To point to anywhere on the map, and be welcomed to a home-cooked meal. We are Chicago based and globally minded, and we facilitate the exchange of community through food connections.

We have:
+5,000 users
+1,000 hosts
+700 cities worldwide
+300 hosting kitchens

Social Media: @mealsharing

Get Involved: Catch a Chicago Meal! Create a Meal!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Untitled Supper Club

The feeling begins to swell and build like a well composed chill song knowing that you are about to indulge in something “special.” The excitement builds as you drive north on 90/94 and capture the luminous buildings coming into view. Senses are heightened. Lake Shore drive beckons you to come closer, closer, closer. Rhythmically you turn on to Monroe, catch a glimpse of Millennium Park, slide past the River, and join the electric vibe of the Near North hub of Chicago. The sultry stillness of “Untitled” can easily be missed as the entrance embraces a minimalist approach holding fast to the “speakeasy” dynamic. Let the mystery take you back to a place in time when no lady would dare enter into a supper club without being dressed to the nine’s. No man would risk being in the company of a well-dressed lady unless he was ready to suggest by adornment that he was indeed the escort of the night.

As you walk toward the unmarked doors, expect to be greeted by doormen who mean business, and their business is to beguile you to enter and leave all your prohibitions behind. Imagine yourself slowly, gracefully careening down an open staircase with adornments everywhere that suggest seduction. Let the reds, dark wood, gold hues, and gun metal grey encircle you like smoldering embers of passion and prose. As you descend into the foyer, the cabaret-esque stage dances before you with the same pageantry of carousels of times gone by. Surely you will see the likes of Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, or Clarke Gable sitting at stage side. Live music swirls throughout like incense rising to the heavens. Attention to detail is evident, and the theme of the supper club even extends into the “Ladies Room.” The bar to the left of the Hostess is filled with large comfortable couches, a large bar area and the perfect place for the start to a romantic night or catching up with friends. The main dining room holds the stage, and to the right is a smaller, quaint dining room with a wide variety of seating, including more private, secluded alcove rooms.

I caution you, that although you can dine alone, it is inadvisable, as the servings are meant for sharing. Untitled is meant for sharing! I can attest to this, as I dined alone. My gastronomic exploration was one of the most incredible culinary experiences I have had in a long time. The attention to detail again comes to mind as I was impressed with the simple embellishments that turned a simple deviled egg into “wow!” My head waiter was Colin. After sharing with me his recommendation for a nice “red,” he took the time to share with me the goal of the chef and the desired outcome of “Untitled.” Considering that he was with Untitled Supper Club from its grand opening, he was very capable of fulfilling the philosophy of the establishment. We discussed the simplicity of deviled eggs being on the menu which are a representation of what might have been served during the prohibition period. (somehow the name deviled goes well with the sinful nature of the cuisine, do not go expecting to remain on a low fat, under 1,000 calorie day!)

There are two categories on the Tasting Menu. One is priced at $69 and the other $44. I was able to enjoy a wonderful crossover of the two categories, with Colin paying close attention to my allergies and likes. The Chef tossed in a few surprises which as I understand is his prerogative. All of the wait staff went out of their way to ensure that I was being well taken care of. Now, one might say, “well, they knew who you were!” It didn't matter as I observed how others were treated, and I saw no difference in the level of care, service and attention given to all the patrons. (I will share below what items I had and expound on them at the close of this article)

A very friendly voice turned my attention away from the delights before me, it was manager Daniel Barat. He offered me more red wine and kindly engaged in a little banter about the place and was stopping by to make sure that I was comfortable. He generously offered to show me around later on if I was able to stay around past 10. I knew in an instance that both Daniel and Colin, truly believed in the supper club and all that it had to offer those who sought refuge in the warm escape. The food, lighting, colors, sound all lured me into a sense of well-being. I assured Daniel that I would love nothing more than to explore more of what Untitled had to offer. I expressed that the sheer decadence of Untitled guarantees that no one leaves without feeling their seductive side swell to a wonderful crescendo.

I look forward to visiting Untitled Supper Club again and again. I will be certain to come with friends the next time. I highly recommend this venue as it is perfect for a night of romance, escape, and a passionate exploration into the way dining should be.

“mes assiettes du plaisir” (my plates of pleasure)
  • Chef’s Charcuterie & Cheese
  • Deviled Farm Eggs, w/ bacon-n-chives, peperonata
  • Genesis Farms Greens, w/ capriole farmstead goat cheese with a light touch of citrus
  • Bacon Wrapped Dates, w/ yogurt and pine nut garnish
  • Crispy Squash Blossoms, (house made ricotta, truffle honey)
  • Pork Belly Hash, bacon, peas, over easy egg,
  • Grilled Asparagus, with salt pork, fried farm egg
  • Whiskey Ginger Carrots
  • Pan Roasted Tenderloin Fillet, with fried grits

I thought about rating each dish, but, I simply cannot, each was spectacular. The use of eggs as a combination was a wonderful surprise and added a delightful richness. I truly regretted that I could not eat more of each item, but, the quantity of tastes and the sumptuousness contributed nicely to a feeling of contentment. I regret not experiencing dessert as the descriptions put a nice modern spin on old time favorites: Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Shortcake, Creme Brulee, and Apple Pie.

On a personal note: I think it is important for us to remember the way it was, the way it should be and just revel in the way our parents and grandparents celebrated a night out before we became locked in to heavily chained dining establishments. Go ahead will be glad you did!

Untitled is located at 111 West Kinzie Chicago, IL 606054. 312.880.1511

Special thanks to Jenn Galdes of Grape Vine PR